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About the Band                                
All Charges Dropped is a sociopathic/political punk/hardcore band stemming from Momence, IL, about 50 minutes south of Chicago and 10 minutes due east of Kankakee, IL, which would happen to be voted worst place to live in all of america. I like to note that point. Any Way, it all started before the turn of the century, (it cracks me up knowing i can logically use that refrence) late 98 early 99. We formed out of the remnants of several failed punk rock bands, {aka, Pugsly, Una Bomber NV, and Fuck 911 (Wich by the way had nothing to do with the past events of the present)} today, were pretty much still nothing more than a failed punk rock band, but fuck it, we don't do it for the fan's, we do it for ourselves.

allchargesdropped is:

Js4b - Scream

Waterg8 - Guitar

Tony Prozac - Bass

Clint Vicious - Drums