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They try to place the blame on the video games, on the movies on the music on the pro gun campaign anything to clean the slate and save their perfect name from the shame of being labeled fundamentally unsafe, but still they fail to acknowledge the truth behind these crimes, drug the kids with Ritalin and push em past the line, fill their heads with bullshit tell em everything's just fine, 
So they can all go out tonight and kill the fucking kids at columbine.
today the paper read another seven students dead,
another child profiled the next most likely threat, and 
tomorrow they'll begin their new curriculum behavior reconstruction on the kids, that don't fit in, but whens it gonna
end another hundred students dead, another student exiled for the thoughts inside his  head, and be sure to tune in next week for the same damn thing again, another child trapped inside a system left for dead.
Another Mother's tears run down my screen
Another child nation wide will scream
Let's just kill the fucking kids, the fucking kids at columbine