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Gary Smith                                   
This is the story of Gary, We don't Play this song anymore, but i will tell ya the story, right just for entertainment if you actually clicked here, it's like a cookie on your DVD player i guess. right Gary Smith was this old white trash guy, who when we were like 16 and hell up until Sean turned 21 bought everybody beer every night and all he asked of us was to intern pay for the cheapest forty ounce he could find. (Usually a lazer, or King Cobra) So anyway to make a long story short this song was about Gary's trials and tribulations of buying like 300 diffrent kids liquor everyday, about his run in with the cops for buying underage kids liquor, about how he was like sixty with 2 juvenile delinquent kids, and still lived with his mother, it was about the fact that he worked at the humane society cleaning up dog shit day in and day out, Gary used to talk about having his legs amputated because he was always so drunk he couldnt walk that they really seemed no use to him. it was about the fact that he was just plane dirty white trash and we loved him because he bought us 40's everyday.... it sure beat shoplifting, now that you know a bit about gary i hope you feel much more involved........don't ya wish ya knew him.