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Local Band Links                                
City Water Bandits
Demotte Skate/Hardcore tadbit OI, Tasty
Hotlips Mesiah
Vulgar, Obscene, Need I say More
Johnny Underdog
quick heavy motorhead type rock, yummy
A Class Dismissed
Riotous Punk Rock
Last I Dreamt
K3 Emo/Pop/Indie/Punk
With Anderson
K3 Indie Rock, Jimmy Rocks
The Glory Whores
Chicago OLd School, ex URBNDK frontman
Damn Near Broke
Couldn't tell ya broke maybe
No Dress Code
I'm sure some nudity is involved
K3 Ska Core, Horns to i think
Dead Popes Society
South Bend Hardcore, You gotta check it out
Give ya five bucks if ya tell me what the hell this is?
The Emily Shrine
College boys ripping up some pretty rad stuff, constantly touring so look for em
insane fucking hardcore...
Distros/Directories and other Punk Shit     
k3 local scene directory and board, kinda like the old local rocknroll but better.
Plinko Manor
South Bend Recording Studio, Real Cheap Real Good, Great Message Board, Garth is the Best
Green Visuals
Local Charity Group Hooks up Benefit Shows and Such
Skeletor Rekids
Joe Skeletor's Tape Distro Page, Hardcore/Grindcore Stuff
Local Rock N Roll
K3 Scene Directory/News/Show Listings/ Lots O Stuff
Best Site on the  internet, tons of Chicago Band Links, Scum of the week, Booking Info, Merch, You name it they got it
The Chi Punk&Ska Website need i say more
World Wide Punk
Huge Punk Link Data Base / Everything!!!
House of The Rising Punk
Basic Punk Link Site Nothing Special
Loud and Angry
Lots of Stuff, Tons of free Hardcore Downloads, A must Hit
No Front Teeth Zine
Good Zine from UK lots of REVIEWS
My personal Favorite, You gotta check it out, Destroying the corprate world one billboard at a time
Indy media
Independent Media Center, Links to every city in the world, notes on actions taken by wto, g8 and all that fun stuff.
The Unabomber Manifesto
I've still yet to finish the read, but the Una Bomber may be the only media icon within the last decade to spark my interest.
National Boycotts
So who do we wanna fuck today?
Great site check it out for yourself, maybe you'll learn something.
Fuck McDonald's
McSpotlight-Does'nt the title explain it all.
Corp Watch
Brilliant site combating corprate entities world wide.
Sweat shop watch
No association with the above not as good a site, but worth a look
Fun Site, kinda meaningless, but fun
Traitor Bill
So you hate clinton, check it out, long read, but fun
So you hate Ted Kennedy too, check it out.
Fun Site Definetly lot's of insiteful articles and shit, I just read this old one (written pre divorce) about why MJ is a fucking scumbag and i swear to god  it brought tears to my eyes, and an erection to my pants
Libertarian Party HP
 for all ya righties,  fuck big govnt, disestablish the irs
Green Party
 for all ya lefties, Home of Jello...
Please Note I'm not saying I agree with the politics of the above noted, I'm just saying don't waste your vote, 3rd party votes do much more than you would expect.....