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Nothing Short                                                    
I can't say im proud to be an American, in a land were there taking us for granted, were they change precedent law, to justify their cause and to benefit their candidates election
but how far will they go, how far will they take it, before they overturn the vote and the tension finally breaks, cuz it's not
 hard to see the truth behind these capitalist tyrannies, 
Nothing Short, Nothing Short, of Victory
So he hides behind the pretences that every vote should
 count, while throwing out a thousand ballots and crying
 voter fraud , and with the media and stand by to back up all their lies, It's just to fucking obvious that soon we'll see our demise
cuz first they'll take away our vote, and then they'll take away our rights, they'll take away our freedoms, and finally take away our lives,  Nothing Short
I cant say im proud to be an American in a land where are choice for president,  is neglected by the masses and denied to blacks and Hispanics, and then chosen by the hands of the supreme (court)