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Public Displays of Vulgarity                   
10/4/02 - Sweet as Sugar Shop - Washington ST. Momence - 6:30 - w/ City Water Bandits and TBA
9/13/02 - Up the Street - Beecher Il, 21+ 9pm
9/7/02 - Fallout Falling Out, Disaster, Lots of Bands still played though
Missing Dates due to lack of updates
7/6/02 - Some Bar Somewere
6/21/02 - Mutiny - Chicago IL- 21+ around the corner from the fireside - w/ Grave Tones, American Dream
6/15/02 - All AGES Radio - WONC - Naperville/Naperville Chicago - 12 Midnight - 89.1 FM
Missing Dates due to lack of updates
4\6\02 - Rubes - 611 S. 157th, Harvey, IL w/ Rat Bastards, Homicidal Squirrells, Regis Philband  starts @ 7, Benefit for loupous fondation
3\15\02 - Lighthouse Cafe - Burbank, IL w/ Johnny Underdog (Dead Hounds), Boy Reckless, Failed Resistance.  starts @ 7, five bucks i guess
12/14/01 - Earthworm Empire - Kankakee, IL w/ Engage, Forsaken Assembly - 6:30 pm
11/30/01 - Lighthouse Cafe -Burbank, IL - Homicidal Squirrels, EFE, Joe's Mom, Hotlips Messiah, Hysterics, World Wildlife Foundation Benefit
11/24/01 AL -Demotte, IN 6:00 - CWBandits and Lots More, Benefit for Demotte Skatepark
10/19/01  the Venue - Valpo, IN - CWBandits- DeadPopesSociety - Chronic Chaos - 7:00 
10/13/01 Bridgeview, IL 7900 s oketo, w/ 11 others Benefit Show for the families of the fallen in NYC
10/11/01 Sputnick's in Homewood w/ Hysterics and Urethra Franklin and the ghetto children
8/31/01    Light House Cafe, Burbank IL w/ Johnny Underdog & TBA
8/25/01-  2nd Annual Punk Picnic
8/10/01   The Venue, Valpo IN, w/ CWBandits, Urinal Mints, and Another State of Mind
8/3/01-   Sputnicks coffee house w/ mike, the cancer merchants, pinheads and ballydowse
6/16/01-  North Riverside, IL 1200 Noon w/ Hotlips Messiah, the amazing killowatts, and the Urinal Mints.
5/19/01-  Ponderosa Sun Club w/ City Water Bandits & MerryMakers.
5/11/01-  Beecher Hall in Beecher-CWBandits and Elicit
4/27/01-  FDI-Champaigne IL-HotlipsMesiah-Pinheads-Squad car
12/30/00-Beckman's Field House-Itwillwork, voltademar, gsp
11/18/00-Martinez Hall, Garden State Parkway, and others
10/12/00-theMorseland-chi-Mashers,Glory Whores,Butane5
8/1900-  Southbend IN, Floodbar, Urinalmints,DeadPopes
7/2900-  PunkrockPicnic, Lockport, Johnny Underdog, SKG, Article 57, the exiled, Active Voice
7/15/00- SmellyFest- Mind Shaft and lots more
7/3/00-   Bowling Alley- Mr.R. Kosher
6/17/00- Cafe Nisa, Oak Lawn. Crash 33, Fly Honeys
6/9/00-   Oak Lawn Ice Arena, Johnny Underdog, Holy Whores, reckless youth
6/3/00-   battle of the bands, St.George Rd. Who Knows
5/28/00, Dan's House, Party!!, Holy Whores, Non Valid
5/21/00, Coffee Lounge, Holy Whores Skanonymous
5/15/00. South Bend IN. Floodbar, Negative Nancy, White Trash Allstars.
Sorry not all dates are here, some have been left out for unexplained reasons, and others were never posted, Everything prior to the above date are lost